Container Tracking Software Features

Gain Complete Supply Chain Visibility through Online Container Tracking

In today’s world of increasingly complex, ever-evolving global supply chains, maintaining complete visibility of your assets during transport is becoming exponentially more complex.

CHEP’s container tracking software, CHEP-TRAC, delivers this visibility. By leveraging this groundbreaking container tracking and asset management solution, you will always know where your inventory is as it makes its way across your supply chain.

The CHEP-TRAC Container Tracking Features


Data collection using simple, intuitive screens, including:

  • Barcode or RFID tracking technology
  • Handheld scanners
  • Custom application


Moves data using industry standards in a secure, reliable environment, and includes:

  • Standard XML Data Format
  • Data Validation
  • Open file transfer


Cloud-based container tracking software allows you to track your supply chain over the Internet:

  • Secure Internet-based interface
  • Asset management reporting
  • Customer invoicing

How The CHEP-TRAC Shipping Container Tracking System Works:

As containers move through the supply chain, container identification and event status are captured in the CHEP-TRAC shipping container database. Customers, plants and suppliers can use any computer with an Internet connection to access a variety of container tracking tools and obtain the following information:

  • Daily Container Activity
  • Dwell Time (Cycle)
  • Inventory Summary
  • Item History
  • Loss and Damage

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