Increasing the Lifespan of Reusable Packaging

Get more from your shipping containers

The use of reusable packaging across a variety of industries is regularly increasing. This is great news! So how do we maximize the lifespan of these containers to ensure we’re using the fewest natural resources possible?

Of course making sure we track and manage our containers so they don’t get lost in the supply chain is key. However, a less frequently visited option is container repair.

A multitude of plastic reusable containers can be easily and effectively repaired, and quickly put back into our supply chains. Additionally, years of using repaired containers for industrial and food applications has proven repaired containers to be reliable!

Everyday container maintenance like cleaning and inspection after use, in addition to repair and tracking, will significantly increase the life of your packaging and reduce the pace at which we use our environmental resources.

Have suggestions for other ways of increasing the life of containers? I’d love to hear them!

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