How does container tracking help green supply chains?

Reusable Container Tracking Software System

How does tracking reusable containers (as opposed to just the contents) help green our supply chains?

Package tracking technology is by no means a new concept, however many companies don’t have a container tracking software solution, and several of those that do, don’t use them effectively.

The result? Our first thought is typically container loss or container damage without any means to assign accountability. But what about the environmental impact?


Container tracking means reduced emissions and better utilization of natural resources

Improved container visibility through tracking avoids unnecessary transportation (and gas emissions) through planned routing and cube optimization of the trailers. A well managed fleet of containers will allow a company to reduce their safety stock of expendable packaging, a drain on natural resources. If utilization and container velocity are improved through tracking, you could argue that less containers are needed in the system.

These are just a few, but what other impacts could tracking solutions have on businesses and the environment?

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