Dry Bulk Shipping Containers

CHEP Pallecon offers a range of intermediate bulk containers for the storage, distribution and handling of dry materials, ingredients and work-in-progress products.

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  • With CHEP totes, we have been able to improve transport efficiency by 170% while reducing costs by about $50 per container. In addition to CHEP being a more environmentally friendly choice, we have also received excellent customer service. From detailed training and daily activity reports to any challenges that have come up, CHEP has provided great support every step of the way.

    Tim Romes AVP Production Unit, L’Oreal
  • The most beneficial element of our partnership with CHEP, in the two years we have worked with them, has been the great product traceability through barcode scanning and supply chain data dashboards. In addition, any challenges are taken care of very well by our dedicated account manager.

    Jeff Watrous Cooler/Freezer Manager, Country Fresh, LLC
  • For more than 6 years, CHEP has provided our customers with a sustainable, cost-effective liquid bulk packaging solution. The CHEP' team is always extremely responsive, flexible and consistently exceeds all hygiene requirements set forth by our food and beverage customers.

     Rob Welling Vice President Supply Chain, Darifair Foods Inc.
  • CHEP Pallecon-315 totes are so instinctive to use, from filling to storage. With CHEP, we are able to offer a better solution for our customer that is cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly. The level of service is unparalleled by other suppliers, from training manuals to everyday service, CHEP is a winner.

    Hans Maron Plant Manager for Good Cow
  • CHEP offers a significant cost savings over bottle-in-cage, and with the disposable liner I'm assured there's no threat of cross-contamination. The support we've received from CHEP is world-class and we no longer worry about losing assets. We completely trust CHEP to manage our packaging needs.

    Fritz Wagner Hawkins Business Manager
  • Since switching from drums to CHEP’ tote trip rental program, we’ve saved a significant amount of money and simplified our daily operations.  Prior to working with CHEP, it took 5 staff members to work the line, however we now only require 3. With our core competency being manufacturing, we don’t have time to focus on cleaning, storing and handling containers. CHEP takes care of all that, and allows us to do what we do best.  The CHEP team is very professional and has delivered on every promise they’ve made.

    Mike Labosky Plant Manager, Unilever
  • Since switching from corrugated boxes to CHEP’ collapsible liquid containers, we’ve tremendously reduced our stress and increased operational efficiency. The corrugated containers were difficult to handle, had to be cut and bailed, and created an eyesore as they stacked up, however now we simply empty the CHEP totes, dispose of the liner and quickly collapse the container for easy storage. In addition, our Customer Service Manager is extremely responsive and has provided exceptional service.

    Doug Frank Batching Manager, Cold Spring Brewing
  • We simply place the order for containers, set them up and fill them. Additionally, the new liquid containers conform to certain food and beverage customers' no-wood policies restricting wooden pallets in production areas. We've had no damage or loss of product and have improved efficiencies.

    David Haase VP Operations, Wild Flavors
  • Renting containers from CHEP rather than purchasing new containers has worked well for us. By renting, we have lower overhead costs and more money available. We can always count on CHEP to deliver clean containers in excellent condition. Their quality containers paired with CHEP’ great customer service has made for a beneficial 3-year partnership.

    Stan Manwaring Director of Purchasing, Byrne Dairy