Short & Long Term Container Rental

Pay Only for the Containers You Need.

Where and When You Need Them.


Rent liquid containers and dry shipping containers from CHEP. This convenient alternative only requires you to pay for the number of containers you need, when you need them.

We realize that some projects require containers and extra storage for as little as 30 days, while others require containers to store product for longer periods of time. The good news is that our Container Rental Program is specifically engineered to free you from the expense and hassle of storing those containers when they are not in use.

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The Advantages of the CHEP Container Rental Program

Designed to bring efficiency to your shipping and storage needs, CHEP Short- or Long-Term Bulk Container Rental is the perfect match for:

  • Facility Moves
  • Bank Builds
  • Seasonal Harvests
  • Temporary Demand Increases
  • Limited Warehouse Space

For one simple daily fee, CHEP’s Short –  or Long-Term reusable plastic container rental services let you:

  • Avoid paying for extra storage space when containers aren’t needed
  • Conserve precious capital by renting rather than buying
  • Guarantee clean, safe and ready-to-use containers
  • Pay only for the containers you need