Full Service Container Rental

Ship-it, Forget-it, and Let CHEP Handle the Rest

The CHEP Trip Rental Program is an all-inclusive option that includes the container rental, the freight to and from a CHEP service center, as well as cleaning, management and tracking services. Through this flexible program, you receive the freedom to focus on your core business while CHEP handles the complexity of managing and tracking the containers.

For one all-inclusive price, the Full Service Bulk Container Trip Rental Program includes:

  • Container/Liner Delivery
  • Empty Container Pickup
  • Robust Cleaning/Sanitizing
  • Container Repair (if necessary)
  • Tracking of Your Fleet via CHEP-TRAC

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How Does Our Returnable Container Rental Program Work?

1. Order
Customer order received into CHEP-TRAC

2. Scanning
Empty containers are scanned to the customer

3. Delivery
CHEP delivers totes based on the customer order

4. Filling
Customer fills the containers

5. Shipping
Customer scans and ships product to their end user

6. Delivery

End user empties containers, then CHEP picks them up and returns the containers to the appropriate service center where they are scanned back into inventory, cleaned and inspected

7. Storage

Totes are stored until the customer places the next order