CHEP Pallecon Solutions to Expand Services to Cosmetic and Personal Care Manufacturers

June 7th 2016, Livonia, MI  – Widely known for their success in reducing costs and increasing efficiencies in food and beverage supply chains, CHEP Pallecon Solutions is also proving its value to the cosmetic and personal care industries.

CHEP’s fully outsourced container management solutions help cosmetic and personal care manufacturers overcome the challenges associated with the packaging of non-hazardous ingredients, such as surfactants, essential oils, preservatives and other bulk liquids. Providing hygienic, FDA-approved reusable containers and solutions that allow customers to minimize product loss and contamination, reduce packaging costs, improve sustainability and eliminate waste in their daily operations.

Since implementing CHEP’s FDA-approved reusable container solutions, TRI-K Industries, who specialize in the global distribution of cosmetic ingredients, has seen a 10% cost saving as a result of increased fill weights, better utilization of space, lower container costs, and reduced freight costs. In addition, TRI-K has realized better inventory management, improved sanitation, and a reduced carbon footprint. Helping TRI-K, and their customers alike, to create a safer and more efficient supply chain. Read the full Case Study here.

“We are excited about providing packaging solutions to reduce waste and eliminate issues for cosmetic and personal care companies,” said Chris Bomgaars, Director of Sales at CHEP Pallecon Solutions, “There is a great opportunity to welcome new customers and foster a more inclusive business.”

In April, CHEP attended the Midwest SCC Teamworks conference. Meeting key industry players to discuss the industry’s current supply chain and packaging practices, needs and challenges, and understand how better to support the industry going forward. Providing solutions to help cut cost, eliminate waste and mitigate risk  in the supply chain. To find out more about CHEP container management solutions, visit Or call (888) 873-2277.


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