CHEP Temperature Monitoring Solution

Better Supply Chains From Data

Ensure supply chain quality compliance with the CHEP temperature monitoring tag. This specialized tracking tag gives manufacturers continuous visibility to the condition of their product as is moves throughout the cold chain.

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FSMA and HACCP Plans

FSMA regulations and HACCP plans mandate the electronic maintenance of quality data and accurate historical records. The CHEP RFID-enabled temperature tracking tag allows food and beverage manufacturers to comply with these stringent industry standards.

See how CHEP helped our customer, Darifair, implement electronic data tracking to improve their quality control programs. Read their story here →

Features of this Tag

  • “Slap and Ship” (easy to implement)
  • Fraction of the cost compared to traditional temperature monitoring technologies
  • RFID-enabled data read and write capabilities
  • Automated quality control feedback
  • Real-time notification of quality compliance issues
  • Technology agnostic – smartphone, tablet or hand-held scanner compatibility
  • Min/max threshold monitoring and batch rejection capabilities
  • Seamless integration with the CHEP-TRAC reusable asset management system