Containers Mobile Application

Better Supply Chains From Data

Total supply chain management is at your fingertips with the CHEP Containers Mobile Application. Utilize the application to simplify day-to-day operations. The mobile app allows quick access and insight into container orders and movements across your supply chain.

How The CHEP Containers Mobile Application Works:

  • My Orders – ability to see pending, in-transit and completed orders.
  • RTLS (Real-Time Location Services) for all in-transit orders with ETA’s (updated at 5 second intervals).
  • “One-click” online ordering. Form pre-fills with your most common preferences to make ordering fast and easy.
  • Customer ship and receive scans. Can be used in the place of handheld devices for lower volumes.
  • Full container history allows customers to scan a barcode and instanly see the entire asset history.
  • Scan damages and upload multiple photos to the operations/ quality team for fast resolution.
  • One-button “pick-up” and “drop-off”. Ability for a carrier to scan a packing slip and add comments as needed.

Benefits of Utilizing the CHEP Container Management Mobile App


One-touch for order history, shipping and receiving, tracking and online ordering.


View all orders at once in the palm of your hand.


Works with both Android and iOS operating systems.

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