CHEP-TRAC: Best-In-Class Reusable Asset Tracking System

Better Supply Chains From Data

With the CHEP-TRAC asset management system, container identification and event status are captured as containers move throughout your supply chain. Online ordering, access to shipping documents and comprehensive reporting capabilities provide 24/7 real-time visibility to users of the CHEP-TRAC solution.

Choose from two data capture options to simplify your daily operations:


Flexible and adaptive scanning and RFID via portable touchscreen devices.

  • Ship & Receive
  • Inspect & Stock
  • Fill & Empty
  • Clean
  • Damages


Allows customers to easily ship and receive containers via an interactive RFID portal.

  • Real-time Confirmation
  • Touch-screen Enabled
  • Ideal For High Volumes
  • Further reduces manual labor
  • One-touch data upload

How The CHEP-TRAC Shipping Container Tracking System Works:

As containers move through the supply chain, container identification and event status are captured in the CHEP-TRAC shipping container database. Customers, plants and suppliers can use any computer with an Internet connection to access a variety of container tracking tools and obtain the following information:

  • Daily Container Activity
  • Dwell Time (Cycle)
  • Inventory Summary
  • Item History
  • Loss and Damage

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