CHEP Dry Bulk Shipping Containers

CHEP Pallecon offers a range of intermediate bulk containers for the storage, distribution and handling of dry materials, ingredients and work-in-progress products.

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How do Pallecons Compare to Other Container Types?

Are you using drums, corrugated totes or other forms of expendable packaging? Browse our collection of shipping container comparison guides to find a solution that matches your exact supply chain requirements.

Features and Benefits

Our all-inclusive container management services make shipping your dry products safe and hassle-free. When you buy or rent dry material shipping containers from CHEP Pallecon, you’ll get:

  • Superior product protection throughout supply chain
  • FDA and Food Contact Approved containers
  • Reduced warehouse space usage
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Lower handling costs
  • No corrugated bailing and disposal
  • Improved occupational and health safety compliance
  • Improved efficiency with containers’ ease of assembly and collapse
  • Container accessories, such as tamper evident seals, to ensure product integrity

CHEP Pallecon Dry Intermediate Bulk Containers are Ideal for: