Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Rental

Outsource container management with CHEP Pallecon Solutions

Let’s face it, your business has more important things to worry about than the management of transport packaging. Get all the convenience of one-way disposable containers with the all operational and environmental benefits of reusables. Ship-it and Forget-it, Save Capital, Avoid Maintenance and Prevent Waste with Container Rental.

IBC Rental Programs Built to Meet Your Needs

Designed to meet the shipping challenges of a wide range of industries, our bulk container rental solutions are here to help you:

CHEP Pallecon has set the industry standard in outsourced container rental and management. By leveraging one of our convenient, returnable container rental programs, you gain all the advantages of a CHEP IBC, without the capital expenditure, ongoing operational costs, and hassle associated with owning a fleet of private containers.

  • Conserve precious capital by renting assets instead of buying them
  • Gain access to a steady supply of clean, safe and always ready-to-use containers
  • Track your entire fleet off containers from shipment to delivery

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Full Service Trip Rentals

When you have an ongoing need for a fleet of reusable shipping containers and you need them now, the CHEP Full Service Trip Rental program is a convenient and affordable option. This all-inclusive solution includes the container rental, the freight to and from a CHEP service center, container cleaning, container tracking and more.

For one per-use fee, this shipping container rental program includes:

  • Convenient Container Delivery and Pickup
  • No Hidden Packaging Costs
  • Worry free operations. Ship-it and Forget-it. Let CHEP Pallecon Solutions Handle the Rest

Short or Long Term Container Rentals

At CHEP, we understand that some of your projects may only require additional containers for a few days or weeks. Depending on your needs, our Short- or Long-Term Rental lets you only pay for the containers you need, when you need them.

CHEP Short- or Long-Term Container Rental offers the advantages of:

  • Pay Only for the Containers You Need, When You Need Them
  • Flexibility to Accommodate Seasonal Demands
  • Saving Warehouse Space