Intermediate Bulk Containers, Accessories and Services

As a leading global provider of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), CHEP Pallecon Solutions offers everything you need to ship, protect, store and track your bulk liquids and dry goods. In addition to our diverse catalogue of reusable containers, we also offer the added advantages of outsourced container management, rental, and tracking.

Rent, Track & Manage Your Containers

Container Rental

Designed to minimize your capital expenditures and reduce your ongoing operational costs, CHEP offers convenient, efficient and cost-effective returnable bulk liquid container rental solutions.

Container Management Services

CHEP Pallecon’s management services are engineered to help you reduce the cost and operational complexity typically associated with managing a fleet of containers.

Container Tracking

Trusted by some of the most progressive companies in North America, CHEP’s lineup of IBCs has been designed and tested for strength, durability and product protection.