Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Liners

Introducing CHEP’s Form Fit Liner

Engineered to reduce labor while minimizing waste and product residual, the Form Fit Liner is CHEP’s premier option. While every CHEP liner is FDA-approved and USDA, Kosher and IMS compliant, the Form Fit Liner features a cube-shaped form fit design with bottom discharge, making it the perfect option for improving operational, shipping and packaging efficiencies.

Form Fit Liner Advantages:

  • Minimize operator intervention
  • Lower discharge residual when compared to pillow top liners
  • Eliminate need for a cassette with squared bottom
  • Accommodate high speed fills
  • Aseptic and high-barrier foil liner options available

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Additional Container Liner Options

Need a liner to match your specific packaging, filling or decanting operations? All CHEP liners are FDA-approved and comply with USDA, Kosher and IMS regulations. Browse below for more information.

Pillow Top Liners

Typically filled and discharged from the bottom of the container, CHEP Pillow Top Liners are manufactured to comply with FDA, USDA, Kosher and IMS regulations.

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