Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Filling Accessories

IBC Adaptors, Fittings, Fill Bridges and More

For whatever your filling application requirements, CHEP Pallecon offers the container accessories to match. Featuring a diverse catalogue of adaptors, fittings, and fill bridges, each of our accessories are specifically engineered to bring simplicity and efficiency to your bulk container filling applications.

The CHEP Lineup of Filling Accessories Includes: 

  • Adaptors and fittings available in an array of sizes and materials
  • Filling bridges and arms intended to increase efficiencies
  • A range of fill fittings to match virtually any application

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Container Adaptors and Other Accessories

Fill Fittings

In order to match virtually any filling application requirement, CHEP Pallecon offers 1-,2- ,3- and 6-inch filling fitment options.

Filling System Adaptors

CHEP Pallecon also offers a wide selection of adaptors to ensure compatibility with your existing filling system.

Fill Bridge

CHEP Pallecon offers a universal aluminum fill bridge to fit both 2- and 3-inch fills for your liquid shipping containers.

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