Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Decanting Accessories

IBC Valves, Dispense Fittings, Recovery Systems and More

Whether your goal is eliminating waste or improving decanting speeds, CHEP Pallecon Solutions offers a variety of IBC decanting accessories designed to match your unique packaging and shipping applications.

CHEP Decanting Accessories Offer the Advantages of: 

  • Decreased residual waste
  • Increased decanting speeds and efficiencies
  • Minimal operator intervention

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IBC Decanting Accessories

Ball and Butterfly Dispense Valves

CHEP Pallecon offers a wide range of 2- and 3-inch butterfly and ball-valve options that can be used very effectively with our liquid shipping containers. We offer multiple thread types for any valve.

Residual Recovery System

For high viscosity products, CHEP Pallecon offers an air-assist liner, bag winders or heater pads to ensure the lowest possible residual during your decant.


CHEP Decanting Video Resources