Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)

CHEP Pallecon Solutions offers a full catalogue of Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) accessories to support each of our customers’ unique needs. Whether you are in search of liners designed to minimize operator intervention or accessories compatible with your existing filling or decanting systems, CHEP is here to help you get the parts you need.

Bulk Container Liners

Form Fit Liners

The CHEP Form Fit Liner requires little operator intervention during fill and provides low residual during discharge. The cube shape of the liner allows for maximum efficiency in filling capacity of a standard size IBC.

Pillow Top Liners

Typically filled and discharged from the bottom of the container, CHEP Pillow Top Liners are manufactured to comply with FDA, USDA, Kosher and IMS regulations.

IBC Filling Solutions

Fill Fitments

In order to match virtually any filling application requirement, CHEP Pallecon offers 1-,2- ,3- and 6-inch fitment options.

Filling System Adaptors

CHEP Pallecon also offers a wide selection of adaptors to ensure compatibility with your existing filling system.

Bulk Decanting Solutions

Dispense Fittings

With an array of 2- and 3-inch dispense options, CHEP has a dispense fitting to fit your unique needs.

Residual Recovery Solutions

For high viscosity products, CHEP Pallecon offers an air-assist liner, winders or heater pads to ensure the lowest possible residual during your decant.