Container Repair Services

Prolong the useful life of your containers

CHEP Pallecon Solutions has years of experience repairing polypropylene and polyethylene intermediate bulk containers, automotive bulk bins and general manufacturing containers. Our staff of welding experts handles a wide range of container repairs and is well accustomed to providing exceptional shipping container management services. CHEP helps you prolong the useful life of your fleet and save precious capital required to purchase new containers.

Get container repair and shipping container management services that will save you time and money by extending the life of your reusable containers. Contact our team to get a quote on containers and services today.

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Why Choose CHEP for Container Repair?

  • Reduce capital required to purchase new containers
  • Pay only for damage assessment and repaired containers
  • All scrapped material is recycled, further greening your supply chain
  • CHEP Pallecon Solutions has repaired over 30,000 shipping containers
  • Polyethylene or polypropylene container repair capabilities

CHEP Pallecon Solutions’ welding experts repair a variety of container damages including (but not limited to):

  • Forklift stabs
  • Damaged container sidewalls
  • Damaged tilt straps / runners