Container Cleaning

CHEP can clean and sanitize your containers to meet rigorous industry standards

CHEP Pallecon Solutions’ comprehensive shipping container management includes container cleaning services that revitalize your rental containers and help prolong their life. Ensuring that your plastic shipping containers meet the highest quality standards is of the utmost importance to CHEP. In order to exceed customers’ expectations and provide the best shipping container management possible, we follow a rigorous container cleaning process, paying close attention to details. Our method guarantees that cleaned totes meet our customers’ demands while complying with industry and hygiene standards. We take great pride in our shipping container management services and work hard to ensure they run smoothly and provide the quality results our customers deserve.

We have perfected our shipping container cleaning process over the past several years, and we are confident that our customers’ containers will always be clean, sanitized and sterile to use for food or beverage applications.

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CHEP Container Cleaning Process:

  • Every shipping container is cleaned using eco-friendly and effective chemicals
  • Water pressure at 3,000 PSI
  • Dedicated Quality Control Supervisor visually inspects each container after cleaning
  • After inspection, each clean container is individually shrouded and stamped with a dated proof of inspection
  • Random swab tests occur daily to certify sanitation

 CHEP Container Cleaning Benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly chemicals used
  • Ensure hygiene standards are met for industry standards
  • Innovative container cleaning processes and materials
  • Ability to handle and remove all types of non-hazardous residues

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