Our Executive Team works hard to provide you with innovative products and reliable container management services to help you cut costs and increase efficiency. We help our customers save space and money while effectively greening their supply chains. Read about our executives below and get to know the team behind our exceptional container and pooling solutions.

CHEP is proud to be North America’s best choice for comprehensive container rental and container management services. We provide reusable shipping containers for a wide range of dry and liquid material industries. If you’re looking for superior container and pooling solutions, CHEP has the experience, resources and high-quality products you need. Our innovative CHEP-TRAC system provides optimal container tracking services that allow you to optimize your existing supply chain, eliminate underutilized inventory, reduce shipping expenses, and ensure that assets are where they need to be at all times.

Drew Merrill

VP General Manager

Shayne Murphy

Director of Operations

John Mulligan

Director of Finance

Chris Bomgaars

Director of Sales and Marketing – Pallecon

Mike Novara

Logistics Manager

Emilia Boloczko

Data Assurance Manager