Environmental Responsibility

Green Your Supply Chain by Renting Environmentally Friendly, Reusable & Sustainable Shipping Containers from CHEP Pallecon Solutions

At CHEP Pallecon Solutions we strive to reduce the negative impact businesses may have on the environment by encouraging our customers to rent bulk shipping containers that will help green their supply chains. Environmental issues face us constantly and by integrating small, simple changes into all of our customers’ daily operations, we believe we can make an extraordinary difference. CHEP reusable shipping containers are an easy and affordable way to reduce your business’ carbon footprint; these sustainable shipping containers can be reused again and again, reducing initial production costs as well as the amount of waste heading to landfills.

One important way you can take responsibility for improving the environment is by using environmentally friendly, reusable shipping containers from CHEP Pallecon Solutions. When you rent bulk shipping containers that are reusable, you are drastically eliminating the amount of waste you produce that would eventually end up in landfills while saving your company a significant amount of time and effort. The ability for the same reusable shipping containers to be used again and again. This efficiency is one of the greatest benefits of the CHEP’s container pooling program.

Help the environment and start greening your supply chain by renting CHEP reusable shipping containers today! We rent reliable and affordable dry material containers and bulk liquid storage containers to meet your needs, as well as offering a full line of support services to allow our customers to focus on their core businesses.

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